We build online classroom platforms with learning tools on the Internet.

Educational Technology or E-learning is based in the teaching and training throughout Cyberspace. Online learning comes up with different tools to no just interact with users but make them feel comfortable when they use these computing devices. E-learning during the last five years has evolved into a better and stronger field. As time has progressed, technology has developed rapidly that we can use it in smartphones and tablets. Vex Solutions provides a great blended environment with a high experienced technical team and support staff.

What Areas Does E-learning Cover?

Virtual Learning Environment mainly includes the following aspects:
  • The pedagogical based on Educational Technology as a discipline of Science Education. It is linked to technological media, Educational Psychology and Didactics.
  • The technological based on the Information Technology and Communication. This one is through selection, design, customization, implementation, hosting and maintenance of solutions where proprietary technologies and Open Source are integrated.
At first glance, the technology components are the most noticeable and the most significant example is E-learning platforms or LMS (Learning Management Systems); systems that allow the management and control of the administrative aspects of training among other functions. The educational aspects are like the soul of E-learning and will work on content. It may initially be less tangible, but will ultimately be the most important objectives in effectiveness of teaching and learning components.



Benefits of Using E-learning

  • It can lower the costs of education: Taking classes online can save you money that you spend to go to a a learning facility.
  • It can increase productivity: It has been figured that roughly every $1 put into elearning for employees results in $30 worth of more work.
  • 24/7 accessibility: Users can learn at their own pace and in comfortable settings.
  • It is accessible to people of all ages: Individuals of all ages are allowed to to learn new skills without limitations of a normal classroom.

Access From Anywhere in Any Device

We design virtual classrooms optimized for mobile devices, offering a wide accessibility to the user.
  • We make the best use of virtual classrooms or E-learning so that you can see our work from mobile devices .You do not need to move a finger to do this.
  • We optimize for the most popular smartphones: iPhone®, Android®, BlackBerry® and other brands.
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Common Questions

1What is E-learning?
La plataforma de e-learning, campus virtual o Learning Management System (LMS) es un espacio virtual de aprendizaje orientado a facilitar la experiencia de capacitación a distancia, tanto para empresas como para instituciones educativas. Este sistema permite la creación de "aulas virtuales"; en ellas se produce la interacción entre tutores y alumnos, y entre los mismos alumnos; como también la realización de evaluaciones, el intercambio de archivos, la participación en foros, chats, y una amplia gama de herramientas adicionales.
2How do we develop online classroom platforms with Moodle?
Usamos moodle para los proyectos de aulas virtuales así como otras tecnologías open idx, google apps for education entre otras.
3How do we improve online classroom platforms with Wordpress?
Utilizamos Wordpress para desarrollar aulas virtuales con funciones avanzadas y personalizadas, con esta tecnología podemos hacer cualquier proyecto de aula virtual y no hay limites.

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